Windows not validating valid copy

Dear Lifehacker, I have bought an online digital code for Windows 10.Is there a website I can use to verify if it's genuine?Is your computer still the same computer if you change its graphics card? Microsoft doesn’t spell out the exact hardware changes that can cause a Windows PC to become non-genuine, but we know that changing the following hardware components can cause this: The motherboard and CPUThe processor remains one of the most important components in a modern computer.Upgrading it can provide significant benefits in certain games and applications, particularly if you are switching from a dual-core or quad-core model,... Many components are simply soldered on to the motherboard and others, though technically replaceable, are restricted by technical skill and cost.This goes doubly for OS installs that have the potential to wipe your entire computer in one fell swoop.Indeed, Cisco recently warned of a cryptovirus threat that impersonates an official email from Microsoft, offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 along with an attachment.You might be a victim of a software counterfeiting.

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The fake notification basically holds a Windows computer hostage, just like ransomware, but instead of offering instructions on how to ‘pay a fine’ or remove the restriction as ransomware does, the “Validate copy of your Microsoft Windows” alert wants victims to “contact support.” Overview Validate copy of your Microsoft Windows This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Validation.Once the attachment is opened, the cryptovirus takes your computer hostage and demands a ransom.Here's what Microsoft has to say about identifying genuine digital software on its blog: When buying Microsoft software as a digital download, we recommend that you avoid auction sites and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing sites.Alternatively, you can also search for “System” in the Start menu.Once the System window has been opened, scroll down and you will find the wording “Windows is activated” under the Windows Activation section if your system is activated.

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