Updating bios help

You should only update your BIOS if the new version contains an improvement you need. When you power your computer on, your BIOS takes control, starting the power-on self test (POST) and passing control over to the boot loader, which boots your computer’s operating system.

Not all computers will have the same BIOS manufacturer, let alone the same exact process, but they all share similar steps and precautions.I think I know how to do so, but being the first time I update the BIOS, I just wanna be absolutely sure I didn't read outdated/ wrong info or for a different model or something.System Info: OS Name Microsoft Windows 8.1 Version 6.3.9600 Build 9600OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer ASUSTe K COMPUTER INC.For the purposes of this article I am going to assume that you understand the risks of flashing your BIOS and have a good reason for upgrading your existing BIOS.If are not familiar with the basics of flashing the BIOS or if you are not 100 percent sure that flashing your BIOS is the right thing to do then please read the companion article Three Good Reasons for Flashing Your BIOS. Misidentification of your motherboard make/model/revision number If you built your computer then you know the brand of the motherboard that you purchased and you will also likely know the model number. If you purchased your computer prebuilt, as most people do, then you probably don't know what is under the hood.

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