The idots guidet to dating orlando bloom and diane kruger dating

A good rule of thumb for all dating human interaction is "just treat them like a valuable person." Don’t qualify it.

If that third reason seems more true to you, do everybody a favor and go home and masturbate sadly, and spare the women of the world your bullshit. The age difference is a real thing that can sometimes cause real problems, but by highlighting it you’re just putting up walls that separate you from them.

No garlic or onions, no copious amounts of sharp cheddar and no habaneros.

If she’s paying, maybe the lobster or exotic shellfish.

Chris goes a bit pun mad this week in our last episode for a month as we'll be taknig a wee break.

We found an interest development in self-driving cars; Dan took a car for a test drive with disgusting results and we've uncovered a new consipracy theory which could be the end of humanity.

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