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Somehow what I remember most about that year was view.

Despite being in back of the city, it seemed like I always had a place to chill out on a couch and watch burning man go by. we did however have an electric grill, couches, chairs, reading material, and a small stereo system consisting of two mid-size speakers and a 300W amp with two cd-players and a mixer.

bianca's Smut Shack (the camp) first debuted at Burning Man in 1996.

the camp was called "bianca's Smut Shack" and it had a fun little sign saying so.

Unlike many other macabre designs, it was spike free and actually allowed erections, merely ensuring that nothing came of them." A literal cold shower, patented by Frank Orth in 1893.

It required the donning of waterproof pants, and then the organ was place between two levers, so that should stiffening occur, the levers were spread which caused a flow of cold water to hit the hot spot.

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By Friday lunchtime, some of the campers had set up on the sidewalk across from the former camp, on the corner of Center and Milvia streets.

Lee said officers were accompanied by the city’s code enforcement manager Greg Daniel and Assistant City Manager Jim Hynes.

City Manager Dee Willams-Ridley said staff removed “12 cubic yards of garbage, food, end caps of needles, mildewed or soiled fabric, broken chairs, and other debris.” “People who were staying on the grass were given time to collect their belongings,” she wrote in a statement released after Berkeleyside asked for comment. Any items of value are being stored at the Transfer Station and are available to be reclaimed.” She said city staff and a city homeless outreach worker from the Mental Health Division had been visiting this group for several weeks to offer resources.

as far as i know, the only smut that occurred was during a "smut contest" held saturday evening for about an hour.

from 1996-1998 the shack was made of electrical conduit with 10x10 sections, which we used to form rooms. (in 1997 and onwards the size has been 30x50 feet.) Cute shack! Situated in back of Black Rock City in the village of the Irrational Geographic Society, it was long enough for several environments, but only deep enough for one row, be it a bed, couch arrangement, etc.

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