Jet set dating

I started getting flooded with matches, and these women were much prettier than any of the previous matches I’d gotten.

While it’s never been a secret that rich men have an easier time finding dates, it was still startling to see how many women had a sudden interest in me once my income broke six figures.

All things considered, this post should have really been aptly titled: “The White Girl’s Guide to Chinese Cuisine for White Girls” My favourite dish are these medallion-like rice cakes typical of Korean cuisine but oftentimes you will find them on the menu of Northern Chinese restaurants. Shopping list in hand I watched my fellow Italo-Canadian girls in mini skirts and platform sandals walk to Cabana Pool Bar (they share a parking lot with TNT) as I prepared to order Char Siu like a pro.

Shanghai style is usually with cabbage, pork and soy sauce. So here’s what you’ll need: 2 600g packages of frozen Rice Cakes (get the ones made in Korea) 1/2 head of Napa Cabbage 3 cloves of garlic, chopped. (About dollars worth) Carrots, thai peppers, sliced ginger or any other veggie you want to add.

But whether it’s for business or pleasure, when I go on a trip — even if it’s with girlfriends — I tend to get sentimental.

Recently, during a trip to Mexico, an ex-boyfriend emailed me, asking if I was having a good time.

Turns out her phone was off because she was out of town getting cosmetic surgery!Actually, I’m going to be a bit more honest with you. My boyfriend doesn’t even like Chinese food; learning how to make Shanghai Niangao was more for me to eat than any aforementioned person in this blogpost. Needless to say, I’m a bit obsessed with them and insisted on a trip to TNT this weekend. Do post pics doing things you love like hiking, traveling or cooking. This isn’t to be shallow it’s only natural that we want to see what you look like. Do consider including a pic with you and your kids if you have kids. We want to see your six pack but keep it more natural by using a shirtless pic on the beach or at a summer music festival.

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