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That may not sound fun to you, but that's because you haven't been there.

When you wander the halls of its fabulous bazaar of brass numbers, hooks, door-fittings and keys, its gardening tools, its classical old French enameled signs, its bells and its birdhouses, I promise you will find something you like and haven't seen before.

), we asked Austin all of our burning dating questions— like what makes a good kiss and what makes him a great boyfriend.

He also gave us tips on how to get a shy guy to ask you out—because sometimes it's nice not having to make the first move, right?!

Aren't teenage girls screwed up enough without you foisting your shallow values on them and making their lousy self-images even worse?

She slayed in her leading role in the “Selena” biopic. She gave birth to twins and still has a incredible figure, and by figure I mean ass. Kim's verse on “Ladies Night“Her wig game was extravagant: I'm talking yellow, blue, red, green and blonde.

She was a vegetarian who loved junk food: Mom's Tofu Sundaes Clarissa was the queen of the “cool panic.”She could make annoying boys disappear, i.e. They had the signature hair game on lock: Sporty Spice — ponytail, Scary Spice — curly afro, Ginger Spice — red hair, Baby Spice — Pigtails and Posh Spice — bob. and the first outwardly sexual female rapper in a male dominated industry.

Before I knew what a feminist was or had ever heard of a “girl boss,” I received some advice from my best friend's older sister who said, “No matter what you do, just kick ass lady!

”It's a silly, yet important reminder to put your all into whatever you set out to accomplish in life and to simply kick ass doing it. She introduced us to a thing called “Jazz personality, G mentality.”She gave us the double platinum Age Ain't Nothing but a Number album.

Watch the video below to see what Austin says and check out the new issue for answers to other juicy q's!

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