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Throughout his administration, President Obama used executive actions to enact policy when efforts to get legislation through Congress failed.

It was widely understood that these actions could be easily undone by the next president, and part of Obama’s case for Hillary Clinton was the need for another Democratic president to shore up his legacy.

A demonstration mission is due to be sent to Mars to test technologies in 2020Mars One sends a second rover, two living units, two life support systems and a supply unit to Mars, to form the habitat.

Companies like Lockheed Martin and Space X will apparently help build these – but neither have confirmed this.

, has, slowly opened its arms to embrace a world of different musics, loosely connected by the idea, feel or groove of “disco”.

Fuelled by voracious selectors and intrepid reissue labels bringing back 12″s from Beirut to Port Of Spain, our understanding of the genre has become all the richer.

We are not trying to re-write the canon here, simply add to it.

And with a term as slippery as “disco” have set a few ground rules to help you navigate the list.

Nu-disco or anything that could possibly fall under this category is therefore also out.

Walt Mossberg, the influential Wall Street Journal gadget columnist, had panned Mobile Me.

"Mossberg, our friend, is no longer writing good things about us," Jobs said.

Now the future of those policies may come down to a lunch with President-elect Donald Trump.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that Obama would use his meeting with Trump on Thursday to attempt to convince him to keep some of those policies.

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